Turning a dream into a reality...

The dream of holding a child of your own is shared by us all, and the pain and sorrow accompanying each failure are harsh. That is exactly why I founded "Gale-Onn" laboratories whose main goal is to place you, in the center and provide you with the most professional service and on the best technology. At Gale-Onn we insist on using the latest state of the art equipment and controlled procedures, in order to provide you with the most efficient and conferrable treatment and assist you to fulfil your dream of holding your own baby. All with the outmost patient and understanding, experience and knowledge that was acquired through dozens of years.
Therefore, starting from its foundation, back in 2005, everything needed for high quality of sperm analysis and sperm preparation for fertility treatments in the Gale-Onn laboratories, is personally performed by Dr. Shalom Bar-Ami, one of the first embryologists in Israel.
Dr. Shalom Bar-Ami had his Ph.D. in Weizmann Institute and Postdoc in Maryland University, who served as a clinical instructor in the renowned Harvard University in Boston and as Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology in the Boston University, has decades of experience and thousands of successful pregnancies, to couples who suffered from fertility problems. For more details about Dr. Bar-Ami's experience click here.
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