Our Services

"Gale-Onn" provides man fertility sperm lab service and has labs in both Nazareth Iliit and Carmiel.
All services and tests are provided in both labs and both labs operate under the instructions, license and strict supervision of the ministry of health and the HMOs.
Gale-Onn offers its services to members of Maccabi and Meuhedet for no additional payment subject to providing with the appropriate approvals. Members of other HMOs, soldiers and IDF employees can be fully reimbursed for some of the services by presenting the above with the relevant invoice.
Below are the main services offered by us. Nevertheless, the comprehensive sperm analysis and sperm processing that covered by HMOs are done in Gale-Onn. Additionally, in Gale-Onn, all other tests as very complicated microscopic and biochemical test up to genetic test in semen are offered in Gale-Onn. If you are not sure that the test you were sent to preform is provided by Gale-Onn? Contact us free of charge via leaving your details on the site below or call our toll free 24/7 service and we will get back to you in few hours).

Comprehensive Sperm Analysis
Sperm analysis is the first step to get basic knowledge about man fertility problems. As part of the test; sperm count, sperm motility, sperm morphology (structure) are tested and in addition, the test includes taking physical parameters such as: semen color, volume, pH (acidity level), and viscosity, etc, All the last indicating the physiological status of male genital system. Sometimes, the received data require the broadening of the test to include the percentage of live sperm cells, sperm cell survival ability over time or the presence of inflammation cells in the seminal fluid and more. In order to execute the sperm, test successfully and provide reliable answers, three types of microscopes and three types of measuring tools are required. This is in addition to state of the art are quality materials and kits. All the above supplementary equipment is found in each of Gale-Onn's laboratories.
The estimated test time is one hour and the answers can be received within 4 days via fax or e-mail. In special events answers may be given two hours on the lab where the test was performed.

Sperm Preparation for Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

It is critical to separate the sperm cells from the seminal fluid prior to IUI. In Gale-Onn, in addition to the standard seminal fluid removal (and for no additional cost) we separate the sperm cells using the prestigious "density gradient centrifugation" (DGC) which help selecting the mature sperm cells and removing nonmature and defaulted sperm cells as well as immolation cells and other factors without enhancing oxidative stress and affecting DNA integrity which can be harmed by other techniques and reduce the pregnancy rates of success.
As choosing to suffice with the standard cheap and simple separation procedures significantly decreases the pregnancy rate which is our goal of success. Therefor in Gale-Onn laboratories the sperm preparation for IUI is exclusively preformed using the density gradient centrifugation. Sperm processing IUI is done under the highest sophisticated conditions including class 2 Laminar Flow Hoods, sophisticated centrifuges and materials approved by the ministry of health for human treatment. Furthermore, due to the advance equipment used by Gale-Onn the sperms can be extracted from either the semen or at some cases from the urine when man suffer from "Retrograde Ejaculation".
The estimated time is 60-75 min. (for more about the advantages of the DGC method click here).

Sperm processing for Diagnostic Purposes

Proper treatment, of fertility problems, starts with a complete and accurate diagnosis which can save disappointment and grievance which naturally accompany repeated failures. Therefore, subject to the comprehensive sperm analysis' results or the gynecologist instructions, in addition to the comprehensive sperm analysis, sperm processing is preform and so a better more accurate picture of the state of the sperm cells can be drowned. The additional data, received by this procedure, allows you (the couple) and your gynecologist to select the most efficient route to proceed the treatment in order to achieve pregnancy. In addition, basic sperm analysis, sperm processing is necessary in the following situations:

  • a) Lack of sperms in seminal fluid as observed in standard test (Azoospermia);
  • b) Lack of semen (Aspermia (and suspecting of Retrograde Ejaculation
  • c) Very low sperm count (cryptozoospermia)
  • d) Lack of sperm mobility (Necrozoospermia)

This procedure takes an estimated 120-180 min.